Check out this Super Mario Odyssey gameplay video

NintendoEverything shared this new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay video which showcases Mario’s moves.

Since Nintendo decided not to show Super Mario Odyssey at its Treehouse event on Friday, this is the only gameplay footage we have seen outside of the reveal trailer.

It’s only about a minute long, but it demonstrates what Mario can do, and also showcases the fact that Super Mario Odyssey is a Mario game more in the style of 64 that Galaxy or 3D World.

Reddit user JorWat translated which moves were shown in the trailer.

3段跳び Triple Jump
走り幅跳び Long Jump
バック宙 Back Flip
ヒップドロップ → ジャンプ Hip Drop (Ground Pound) → Jump
木登り Tree Climbing
ボディアタック Body Attack
帽子投げ Hat Throw

Mario looks nimble and quick, and the art style looks more “normal” than it did in the trailer.

Mario Odyssey will be available this holiday, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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