Xenoblade Chronicles X and Mario Maker to get Switch versions


Some more Wii U ports for you!

We’ve been citing her these past few days for numerous stories, and you’re about to hear about her again: Laura Kate Dale, of LetsPlayVideoGames, has tweeted a list of games to expect within the Switch’s launch year.

Before showing it to you, we’d like to remind you that Switch News does not and will not post stories from your random, everyday GameFAQs leaker. Laura Kate Dale has leaked lots of thing accurately in the past, meaning she is quite reputable. This still classifies as a rumor, but it’s a pretty believable one.

Nothing too new in this list, other than ports of Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X, two Wii U titles (the former also came out on 3DS, actually). They are expected to be out withing six months of the Switch’s launch, otherwise knows as the “launch window” period.

In this blogger’s humble opinion, they’re pretty solid additions to the Switch line-up! Mario Maker is a pretty timeless game, and I’m willing to bet that the Switch version will have some cool additional features.

Xenobalde Chronicles X is pretty niche, so maybe it will be able to stand out in the Switch’s (somewhat) bleak library, considering that there will not be a ton of games available in the first six months. A graphical overhaul would be quite appreciated, too.


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