Foxconn employee leaks Switch hardware information


A supposed Foxconn employee has leaked Switch hardware information on Teiba Baidu, a Chinese forum.

It’s important to take everything he said with a (very large) grain of salt. This is not a reliable source and there is nothing in his posts that prove that any of this is true. Keep in mind that everything here was Google Translated, so the translation’s accuracy may be a bit iffy.

The console itself

The leaker claims that there will be a 4G version of the Switch, which wouldn’t be too surprising considering that a PS Vita with 3G capabilities also exists.

He adds that the system is surprisingly light. “I thought it was 1000g or something and was pretty surprised that it is only a 300g console excluding the Joy-Cons”.

The Switch’s screen “looks like” 1080p multi-touch, “according to the specs that show up on the software test”. This contradicts the various information we’ve heard thus far from more reliable sources, who claim that the Switch’s screen has a 720p resolution. It is also apparently “not very bright” and it is “speculated that it will be difficult to see it clearly when outdoors”.

It will charge using USB-C and its power adapter is external.

The heat sink’s dimensions are 5.0×0.8 cm, which can be seen from the system’s vent (0.8 cm wide). The heat pipe is 12cm and “looks quite shabby but heat performance is really good”. This claim apparently stems from the fact that the Switch is running a software demo that shows “millions of fish” without frame drops. This could be the same fish demo that Unity showed a few days ago, or it could be a clever way to make these (maybe) fabricated claims seem more legit.

Here are some other specs that were also listed:

  • 2x 4GB RAM
  • 1785 mHz CPU
  • 921 mHz GPU
  • “Speculated CPU is ARM A73 Pascal, much powerful than Xbox One”

The controller

There are two shoulder buttons on each Joy-Con, called SL and SR.

“It’s very complex inside. Except for the motherboard in the console and the screen, the Joy-Con is the Switch’s most expensive part.”

The battery is said to measure 5cm x 2cm x 0.5 cm, and weighs about 50g. It has a 525 mAh battery, meaning that it charges independently from the console.

The leaker also claims to have seen orange and blue versions of the controller.

The dock

“There’s no advanced technology in the dock. It seems pretty cheap and light, feels really plastic (sic), and doesn’t provide any extra power to the console. It’s just an output. There’s no fan on the dock, but a hole on the back of it allows it to absorb air coming from the console’s top vent.”

It also feature one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one HDMI port on its side.

The dev kit

A “much more powerful” version of the Switch is also apparently in production at Foxconn.

Its core is twice as big as the retail version’s and has double the ram. It looks “much more complex” than the “normal” version. It’s also “much heavier”.

It can also be plugged into a TV without having to be docked.

It could be speculated that this is some kind of Switch Pro (or Scorpio), but the leaker later added that Nintendo passed by to take a look at it and that it was a dev kit.


So, what can we make of all this? I mean, first of all, it’s a pretty sketchy rumor to begin with. Second of all, I’m no tech wizard so I can’t comment the specs, but they seem to be close to what we’ve got on PS4 and Xbox One.

We’ll probably have some more official information about specs soon. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Foxconn employee leaks Switch hardware information

  1. Very slow cpu. 1.7 Ghz Smartphone-chip- with about 4 Gflops on a single core. hahahaha. is this true? Oh lord…No good racing-games (fast ones like Need for Speed, Fast Racing Neo etc) coming for Switch…xD

    Also pretty much kills probability of ANY Nextgen-F-Zero game coming for Switch…!


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