EA boss says “never discount Nintendo” and also claims to be a “huge fan”


Electronic Arts (EA) CCO Peter Moore spoke about the Nintendo Switch at the Credit Suisse 2016 conference in Pheonix, Arizona.

“We’re gonna watch with interest and you can rest assured that EA, just like every major publisher, is in regular conversations with Nintendo”, said Moore.

He added that EA had a “major game” coming to Switch, and that he and the folks at EA are “huge fans” of the Big N.

Moore also said that in spite of the fact that Nintendo was struggling, no one can underestimate the power of Nintendo’s and developers. He added that Nintendo had “some of the most valuable intellectual properties in the world”.

“We have a relationship that goes many decades back. They’ve had some difficult times as if recently obviously, but never, ever, ever discount Nintendo in this marketplace, and their ability to leverage their superb game development opportunities”, praised Moore.

Let’s hope that EA sticks to their word, just like they did with Wii U 😉

via DualShockers

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