Nintendo Happy Meal toys are on the way


Nintendo has struck a deal with international fast-food giant McDonalds, and I’m lovin’ it.

The companies will collaborate to produce a new series of Super Mario Happy Meal toys in Japan, GoNintendo reports.

Destructoid also shared a leaked internal memo from McDonald’s UK which says that the toys will also be coming to Britain from January 11 to February 7 2017.

This is a smart move, as the Happy Meal toy collection will likely be a part of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run (iOS) and Switch marketing.

We don’t have word about an eventual release in other regions, though.

Here is what each toy will do, as per GoNintendo:

– Mario makes a jumping sound effect
– Mini-Mario can jump and make a star appear
– Luigi has a button to make him spin
– Peach has a spinning umbrella and 5 stickers
– Toad raises/lowers his arms
– Boo has a tongue that moves when you roll him on a surface
– Bowser has a spinning clown car

I don’t know about you, but I’m down to buy some if they come to my country. I still have the full collection of McD’s Mario Kart toys.

(Don’t judge me, okay?)

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