The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is translucent


My mind is blown: the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is translucent.

This is something that very few people noticed upon the Switch’s announcement.


It’s a pretty cool throwback to the old days.


It’s not as see through as the retro controllers above, however.

I’d love to see Nintendo release multiple Pro Controller colors for the Switch.

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5 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is translucent

  1. I actually did notice the Switch Pro Controller had a weird pattern on the Switch’s reveal trailer. I think I also saw one Pro Controller without those patterns, just flat black, and I wondered what was up with that. I never thought it could be a translucent controller, though. I figured it was just some stamped-on pattern or something, hinting at Nintendo selling the Pro Controller in vanilla form and with decals or something.

    Anyway, awesome if true. I love see-through stuff. If they effectively sell translucent versions, I will buy one. ^_^


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