5 beautiful Nintendo Switch boxart concepts


Pre-launch hype always brings out the best and worst in any company’s hardcore fanbase, and some of the best and worst results of it is the spread of fanmade concepts for whatever product people are hyped for.

Here are a few of the best fanmade Nintendo Switch boxart concepts from around the web.

CorvosKK on Reddit

CorvosKK made a pretty awesome Switch boxart concept about a month ago. It’s a perfectly square box that ressembles the 3DS’, which makes sense considering that the Switch will be using cartridges for its games.

Here’s a size comparison image.


Here’s what the box itself looks like.


And here are a few cartridge concepts made by CorvosKK.


JimBoyKelly on DeviantArt

JimBoyKelly made this simple, Wii U-inspired, Switch boxart concept. I loved the Wii U’s boxes, and this seems like a very logical, beautiful, incremental upgrade.


Noice. And the Breath of the Wild art chosen makes me wish that this was the game’s actual cover.

BluePikmin11 on Reddit

BluePikmin11 made a slew of Switch boxarts all inspired by the same template. It’s a clean-looking rectangular box that, honestly, looks just right. The Nintendo Switch branding on the side is also somewhat transluscent, which gives this concept a unique feel.

Here’s a small sample of BluePikmin11’s work.





NintenWorld-Art on DeviantArt

NintenWorld-Art’s concept has more of a Wii-inspired aesthetic.

It’s clean, it’s lovely, and it has a cool way of showing a game’s features (online, Amiibo support, etc.) in its top right corner.


Chochy1000 on Reddit

Chochy1000’s concept looks like a combination of BluePikmin11’s and CorvosKK’s.

What’s cool about it that it’s color-coded depending on the game. For example, Luigi’s Mansion 3 would have a green box.


And Splatoo, the cleverly titled Splatoon sequel, would have a standard red box.


Which concept do you like best?

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