Dark Souls Trilogy under consideration for Switch

dark souls.png

Trusted industry insider Laura Kate Dale stated on Twitter that From Software are thinking about releasing the Dark Souls trilogy for Nintendo Switch.

Laura explained that, according to one of her sources, From is currently running Dark Souls 3 on the Switch “with a level of performance they are happy with”.

She stated that although they are “not commited to releasing it yet”, From is internally evaluating the financial feasibility of re-releasing all three Dark Souls game on the Switch, alongside all of their DLC.

According to Laura, From Software will wait and see what the Switch’s initial sales are like before deciding to bring the trilogy to Nintendo or not.

“The plan would be for a Switch rerelease of Dark Souls 3 […] to release the same day as PS4, Xbox One and PC recieve all versions with all DLC included [if it were to be greenlit].”

Portable Dark Souls? Hell yes.

You can read the entirety of Laura’s tweet about Dark Souls on Switch by clicking here.

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Photo credit: BluePikmin11 on Reddit


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