Hyrule Warriors-like Star Fox spinoff was pitched to Nintendo


It seems like Star Fox Warriors almost happened.

In fact, it still might be happening, if we’re to believe the latest report by trusted industry insider Laura Kate Dale, who’s been on a leaking spree today since she officially found out that she’d been blacklisted by Nintendo.

Koei Tecmo pitched the idea to Nintendo in early 2016, according to Laura’s sources. It is unclear if the title was pitched for Wii U or Switch, but what we do know is that Nintendo rejected the idea, citing “questions regarding the future of the brand”.

Star Fox Warriors would have featured “largely melee combat between characters of the Star Fox universe alongside some dogfighting gameplay”.

Tecmo Koei wanted to make a game without motion controls that would alternate between ground and space combat.

Laura also stated that “Koei Tecmo still want to work on a Nintendo franchise Warriors title and that “Nintendo are still open to working on such a project”.

This report was also confirmed by Liam Robertson of Unseen64.

Will we maybe see Animal Crossing Warriors soon? Wait, that would be sick, actually.

You can read the entirety of Laura’s tweet about Star Fox Warriors by clicking here.

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