Nintendo Switch pre-orders open temporarily in Canada


UPDATE: This article has gained traction in the past few days because of hype, presumably. You will be able to pre-order the Switch in Canada on January 13 at your local retailer, such as EB Games and Best Buy.

Nintendo Switch pre-orders have opened in Canada… sort of.

According to this December 2nd RedFlagDeals post that was downvoted to hell, EB Games Canada had the Switch available for pre-order on December 2nd.


Not all stores were accepting pre-orders on that date, though. The ones that I called in my city told me that they didn’t have the Switch in their system, but other people of the internet said that they were able to snag pre-orders in their town, including this Reddit user.

Went to my local EB Games to get my (amiibo) pre-orders of today and asked them about the Nintendo Switch pre-order.

To my surprise, he told me they just had received an e-mail 30 minutes ago telling them to start taking pre-orders.

Right now you can only do a deposit of 50$ because the placeholder price is at 1000 bucks or something and they have a limit of 5000 pre-orders, but he thinks this is a nationwide limit.

Keep in mind your EB might not have received or read their e-mail yet or the employee might have just made a mistake and sold me something he shouldn’t have, you should probably call first.


However, another Reddit post later explained that this was likely caused by some kind of “glitch” in EB Games’ system. This user from Montreal explained that the only time-frame in which pre-ordering the Switch was possible was between 17:30 and 17:45 EST on December 2nd. He also stated that the pre-orders placed at that time will be honored at the Switch’s lauch.

This actually makes sense, considering that the other pre-orderer above was able to do so at 17:31 on December 2nd.

If any fellow Canucks still want to try their luck, here’s what they’ve got to know: the Switch’s EB Games SKU is 728247 and pre-ordering requires a $50 deposit.

We’ve reached out to EB Games Canada for comment and will update this post if we revieve a response.

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