The Switch Dock reportedly does increase the system’s performance

nintendo switch.png

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced, there has been speculation that its dock would increase the console’s performance.

According to trusted industry insider Laura Kate Dale, that will indeed be the case.

She tweeted that the dock does indeed connect to the console via USB-C, and that the system’s components run at a higher clock speed when docked, which allows the system to output at higher resolutions than when it is in portable mode. This is actually quite reasonable, seeing as some laptops do the same thing when they are plugged in.

“Plugging the system in the dock will also activate a small additional fan to help with cooling when run at that higher clock speed”, she said.

She also claims the the dock, while being extremely lightweight and useful, is designed to be sold for cheap, since Nintendo is planning on selling seperate docks so that consumers with multiple televisions can use easily use their Switch in different rooms.

You can read the entirety of Laura’s tweet about the Switch Dock by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “The Switch Dock reportedly does increase the system’s performance

  1. The standard rez for Switch would be 720P (especially given thats the reported resolution of the ‘tablet unit).
    1080P is over double that resolution, a resolution bump would require double the clock rates to bump to that.
    Activating one fan won’t achieve that. Even rez bumps to 900P would still be taxing. The dock mode would most likely just be a frames rate boost only


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