8 things we noticed about the Switch on Fallon

Nintendo of America’s president and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, was a special guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, and in their segment in which Jimmy and Reggie played The Legend of Zelda:  Breath of the Wild on Switch (for the very first time!), the pair taught us a think or two about Nintendo’s upcoming console.

1- Zelda seems to be running without a hitch


It’s obviously very early to make a claim of the sort, but in the gameplay segment shown in the photo above, the explosion doesn’t seem to cause any slowdown in Breath of the Wild for Switch, which wasn’t the case when it was demoed for Wii U at E3 2016.

Then again, a lot of time has passed since E3, so maybe the Wii U version now runs better, too (assuming the Game Awards build was the same as the E3 one). It remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that the Switch version is technically sound.

2- Zelda will inform you about the upcoming weather conditions


In the bottom right corner of the screen, some kind of clock icon is part of the HUD, and right below it is a sort of weather forecast slider. It is a little difficult to see in the image here, but the sun has two clouds on its right, and it seems like the game will advise you of the upcoming in-game weather conditions, so you can plan accordingly.

3- The screen is likely matte


Considering that on a TV set, stage lights are usually super bright, and that the Switch screen doesn’t see to have too much light reflecting off of it, I believe that it is safe to say that the screen is, or may, be matte.

It would be ideal for on-the-go gaming, of course, as it would make it easier to see the screen in direct sunlight.

4- We sort of know where cables will plug into the dock


It seems like the two cables plugged into the dock here are the HDMI and power cords. There’s no way to know if this is the dock’s final design, however, so maybe their location will change considering that this is most likely just a prototype. Still, good to know! You can start modifying your TV setup to properly plan for the Switch, if you please.

5- USB-C is seemingly confirmed


Jimmy really wanted to try out the Switch kickstand, and as he did that, he showed off the back of the Switch console/screen.

It seems like this is indeed a USB-C port, which falls in line with recent rumors about the Switch. Read more about how this could be useful here.

This photo’s brightness has been modified by Reddit user Ojuniour to better show off the USB-C port.

6- Those triggers look squishy AF


Yesteday, we reported that the Switch’s triggers are analog.

Obviously, it’s hard to tell by looking at an image, but they just look so squishy and so analog-y, especially from this angle. They kind of look like the Xbox One triggers, actually.

This is obviously pure speculation on my part, but dude. So squishy.

7- It still looks like there’s an IR port below the right Joy Con


We’ve been hearing about the supposed infrared (IR) port below the Switch’s right Joy Con and, once again, it is quite visible here. It has been speculated that it will be used for motion control.

8- “Switching” looks smooth, but…


Sorry for hurting your eyes with this photo’s quality, but as you can tell, there seems to be some kind of menu that pops up when Reggie demonstrates the Switch’s “switching” function.

He also kind of turns his back to the camera when handing it to Jimmy, so maybe he’s trying to hide something. He seems to be pressing a button or confirming, somehow, that he wants to “switch”.

It still seems like a pretty seamless process, even though it’s not as smooth as it looked like in the reveal trailer.

Maybe we’ll be hearing more about it at Nintendo’s Switch presentation on January 12th.

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5 thoughts on “8 things we noticed about the Switch on Fallon

  1. I can’t see why the Switch would require any menu’s to transition screens. Once the HDMI is disconnected the device must know to automatically activate the console screen. Maybe it automatically pauses the game on transition so you don’t die trying to switch


  2. Number 8 is probably due to security feature implemented to secure the hardware from crazy people who might just try accessing the device when no one’s looking.


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