Is the Nintendo Switch more powerful than the PS4?


There have been conflicting reports about the Nintendo Switch’s power in the last day.

On Thursday, a few hours after Seasons of Heaven was announced, this Wii U Forums thread  resurfaced.

The thread in question is about what Nico Augusto, the game’s creative director, said in an interview that took place on the day after the Switch was revealed.

He said that he had had time with the development kit and that the console’s specs were on par, or even slightly better than the PS4’s and that developers have had “no problem” porting PS4 games to the Switch, and that they even had a bit of extra power to work with, thanks to Nvidia’s “black magic”.

He is known for having leaked Devil’s Third on Wii U, but he doesn’t have a very good history with leaks, otherwise.

Laura Kate Dale, who has recently been blacklisted by Nintendo and has also leaked a ton of information about Switch games, said that people shouldn’t assume that Augusto’s claims are accurate.


I’d side with Laura on this one, considering Augusto’s track record and the leaked Switch price.

We may have answers to all of this at Nintendo’s Switch Presentation on January 12th.

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7 thoughts on “Is the Nintendo Switch more powerful than the PS4?

  1. I would hope so, but as long as I can play games from 2013 -2017 I’ll be happy … I don’t want to play DOOM on it though lol … I just want a new Metroid and F-Zero that’s all


  2. The arcitecture would be better than PS4, not the total performance.
    We know aleeady the Switch runs half the RAM.
    But ine expectation i have for Switch will be load times. Those carts should be awesome, and probably useful for in game asset streaming (Xenoblade Chronicles X on Switch may have far less ‘pop in’)


  3. I actually don’t trust to much i Laura as she is pretty often wrong in her rumors. And yeah she is a blogger called arcadegirl64. Anyway after reading a bunch of rumor I believe it’s more probable the console will be fairly powerful and on par whit the ps4 and xbox1.
    My reason for this is that It’s rumored to use pascal architecture (leak from factory producing it).
    That means it probably using the parker tegra chip or some sort of modified version of it. In basic configuration this is powerful enough to running 4K in 60fps or outputting 1,5 TFlop.
    Just this simple fact would put it at equal power to the xbox one or the ps4. Pascal is also a newer architecture than what the ps4 or xbox are using witch also might help developer to run games alot smoother.
    And yeah you also need to remember that the ps4 and xbox one was released in 2013 whit an upscaled version of the same architecture used in the ps3. So yeah that one is pretty old by now.
    So yeah the Switch might actually be a lot more powerful than most people think and if it is that could really change gaming consoles like we know it.
    Personally I really think this is the future of gaming consoles, and I really think that this is what a console released in 2017 should be.


      • In what way, her Twitter account and here blog arcadegirl64 where everyone is taking statement from was both started in Mars 2016. So yeah, she isn’t really a valid source just a source that happened to appear close to the launch of the Nintendo Switch.


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