Miyamoto: “younger people are taking the lead on Switch development”


It’s the beginning of a youth revolution at Nintendo.

Mario and Zelda creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, said this weekend that “younger people are taking the lead on Switch development”.

The company’s change in orientation has allowed him to focus on other projects instead, such as Super Mario Run and Nintendo’s Universal theme park.

Here’s a full quote from his interview over at Glixel.

“There was a misunderstanding around my supposed retirement. Really at the time what we were talking about was giving more opportunity and more leadership opportunity to younger people in the company. So rather than me leading everything we were really expanding that role out to others that had come up within the company. Somehow that got misinterpreted as the fact that I was retiring.

We have these younger people in the company who are taking the lead on Switch development and it’s really been them that have put this forward and designed this system. They’re the ones that have really shepherded it through the process. Because of that, what it’s allowed me to do is focus on other projects like Super Mario Run or the Universal theme park. I’m going to keep looking for these kinds of opportunities where I can do something new and fun.”

Maybe one of Miyamoto-san’s “other projects” is the rumored Pikmin Switch?

Perhaps we’ll have a glimpse of what he’s been working on on January 12th, at Nintendo’s Switch Presentation.

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One thought on “Miyamoto: “younger people are taking the lead on Switch development”

  1. Good. Nintendo also allowed their younger staff to take the reigns when it came to Splatoon, and look how that turned out. No disrespect to Miyamoto, the guy is a genius and all, but maybe letting the young ‘uns lead the ship with their main consoles and games is exactly what Nintendo needs (among other things) to see a resurgence in the gaming market.

    Let’s hope this happens.


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