Nintendo Switch Tour to begin in February, six locations announced


Nintendo announced on Tuesday that gamers from five U.S. cities will have a chance to try out their new console, the Switch, in 2017.

Here are the tour dates:

  • New York – Jan 13-15
  • Washington, D.C. – Feb 10-12
  • Chicago – Feb 17-19
  • Los Angeles – Feb 24-26
  • San Francisco – March 3-5

The events’ venues and hours are said to be announced “in the future”.

The Friday and Saturday events are invite-only, meaning that only MyNintendo members who received the following e-mail will be allowed to attend, and also be allowed to bring a plus one.


Getting invited doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to attend, though. You must claim your tickets, and the quantities are limited. In fact, some of the events are already sold out, according to Reddit.

Sundays are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis and no registration is required.

Nintendo is also encouraging participants to share photos and videos of the tour on social media.


UPDATE: UK Nintendo fans will also get a chance to try out the Switch before launch.

Events will be taking place in London on January 14th and January 15th. Fans must enter a contest to win tickets to this “hands-on event”.

Click here for details on how to enter the contest.

Here’s a screenshot of the e-mail UK My Nintendo members received.


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via Reddit (crumbledpapr & Nova1987) and Twitter (@loadingtime)

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