Nintendo’s new patents reveal a ton of Switch hardware information


Nintendo filed multiple Switch-related patents on Thursday morning, and they reveal (and confirm) some of the system’s features and capabilities.

Keep in mind that some of these ideas may never pan out. An idea shown in a patent is not guaranteed to make it to market.

Anyway, here’s everything we’ve found out from analyzing what these patents consist of.

Nintendo may be working on a VR headset


This patent is pretty straightforward, and seems to be an interesting VR solution for Nintendo Switch.

Much like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear, this Switch VR experience would require the player to insert the console into a cradle/headset and view the screen from close up.

It would definitely be an inexpensive VR solution, but the image quality would not be able to rival PSVR’s, especially if the Switch’s screen is indeed 720p, as rumored.

The Switch’s screen is touch-enabled


Although this patent, which shows what’s inside of the Switch itself, reveals a lot of information about the system’s capabilities, one of the most noteworthy features revealed here is touch.

Upon the Switch’s announcement, gamers speculated that the console may not be touch-enabled, since no one in the trailer is shown actually touching the system’s screen.

It now seems more and more likely that the Switch will have a touch screen, if these patents are any indication of its capabilities.

The screen has adaptive brightness


Much like most modern-day smartphones and the New 3DS that preceded it, the Switch’s screen will most likely feature adaptive brightness, since it is equipped with an ambient light sensor.

There’s a lot of stuff in the Joy Cons


This patent shows the left an right Joy Cons, and reveals quite a it of information about each of them.

  • Both Joy Cons feature rumble
  • Both Joy Cons feature an accelerometer
  • The right Joy Con has an NFC sensor
  • The right Joy Con also has an IR sensor, which lines up with what many rumors have suggested

There may be various Joy Con models


This left Joy Con has a traditional D-Pad on it, whereas the one that was shown in the Switch reveal trailer has a split D-Pad .

Perhaps Nintendo will be releasing various Joy Con models for Switch. It makes $en$e, really.

There may be various Joy Con Grip models


The Joy Con Grip shown in this patent slightly angles the controllers, and, quite honestly, looks much more comfortable than the grip which keeps them completely vertical.

Nintendo may decide to sell various grips for the Joy Con controllers, which would allow people to play the Switch how they see fit. Interesting!

The Joy Con Grip may act as some sort of battery pack


This patent shows what’s inside the Joy Con Grip.

The “power supply control section” is a little mysterious. It may just act as some kind of link between each Joy Con, but NeoGAF users have speculated that it means that the Grip may act as some sort of battery pack.

USB-C is looking more and more likely


This diagram shows the bottom of the Switch console, and what’s circled in red is a port, which seems to be the exact same shape as a standard USB-C port.

It’s been rumored for a while, it was nearly confirmed on Fallon, and this patent further proves that the Switch will most likely feature a USB-C port.

Up to four Joy Con controllers are supported for multiplayer


This isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s good to know!

We will keep on analyzing these patents throughout the day and update this article is we notice anything noteworthy. Thanks for reading!

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Photos via NeoGAF

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