What does this button do?


Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced, a lot of people have been wondering what that mysterious button at the bottom of the left Joy Con does.

Recent patent filings by Nintendo explain that it’s actually a Record button, which will probably act much like the PlayStation 4’s Share button.


Here’s what the patents say:

“The left controller 3 also includes a record button 37. As shown in FIG. 5, the record button 37 is provided on the primary surface of the housing 31, more specifically, in a lower right area of the primary surface. The record button 37 is a button for giving an instruction to save the image displayed on the display 12 of the main unit 2. For example, when a game image is displayed on the display 12, a user can press the record button 37 to save the game image that is displayed at the point in time when the button is pressed in a storage section of the main unit 2, for example.”

If the wording is worrisome to you, keep in mind that “to save the image displayed” likely also includes video recording, considering the button’s name and the fact the the word “image” is used throughout the patents’ paperwork, referring to what’s seen on screens.

Will you be using the Switch’s Record button?

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