REPORT: Nintendo Switch is the easiest console to develop for


If industry analyst Michael Pachter is to be believed, it is easier to develop games on Nintendo Switch than on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Of course, the motto in the gaming community is: “the opposite of whatever Pachter says will happen”, but that usually applies to his opinion rather than his reports from sources.

In the latest episode of The Pachter Factorthe analyst claimed said that he’d “actually heard from developers that Nintendo is the easiest of the big three to develop for.”

Considering that the Switch will have a more convential, standardized archirtecture than all Nintendo systems that preceded it, this isn’t exactly hard to believe.

Nvidia has said that they worked closely with Nintendo to develop the Tegra chip that powers the Switch, and many third-party developers have praised the Switch in the past few weeks.

In addition, it seems as though the Switch will adjust its graphical quality when in portable mode, much like PC games do with their scalable graphics settings. This may indicate that Nintendo is going after a more PC-like architecture, which would obviously be more friendly to developers than the Wii U, which “seemed to be trying at every turn to make it difficult to compile and run any code”.

Is Pachter right? Has Nintendo finally learned its lesson?

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