Check out this awesome fan-made Switch X iPhone concept


If Nintendo were to go third-party, this may be what it would look like.

Ryan Hyunwoo Lee, a Korean industrial designer, posted a Nintendo Switch/iPhone 7 crossover concept on Behance.

The main concept that is shown off is the Nintendo Switch Cradle for iPhone 7. It would feature stereo speakers and offer physical controls for Nintendo games which would run on iPhone.


The designer also made this clean-looking iOS eShop concept.


Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokémon and Mario Kart on iOS. Now how strange would that be?

Then again, if I would have told you in 1991 that Sonic games would one day be released on Nintendo systems, you would have probably laughed in my face, and yet…


Check out more of Ryan Hyunwoo Lee’s Switch X iPhone concepts here.

What do you think of his creation?

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