Is Unreal Tournament coming to Nintendo Switch?


Could Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament be headed to Nintendo Switch?

NeoGAF user M3d10n took a look at Unreal Engine 4’s master branch logs that reference “Wolf”, which is the Switch’s old codename in UE4’s files.

Here is what he found (relevant parts in bold):

Change 3126812 on 2016/09/15 by Josh.Adams

Merged Wolf support into Dev-Platform (hidden from almost all people still). Non-Wolf-specific changes:
– Converted the PS4MallocCrash class into a generic one (that Wolf is now also using)
– Refactored the GL shader compiler to allow Wolf to modify behavior without a lot of if WOLF checks everywhere

Change 3145245 on 2016/09/29 by Joe.Graf

Checking in removal of plugin use on Win64 per Josh’s request

Change 3145538 on 2016/09/29 by Josh.Adams

– Worked around a physics task graph issue with using the new lock free stuff on Wolf, joining PS4 and XboxOne. Wolf was crashing on some boots.

Change 3132905 on 2016/09/20 by Josh.Adams

– Fixed up some paths with the WolfPlat rename

Change 3133169 on 2016/09/20 by Josh.Adams

– Fixed issue with Wolf access but no SDK installed

Change 3134544 on 2016/09/21 by Josh.Adams

– Reduced UT textures for Wolf

Change 3140203 on 2016/09/26 by Josh.Adams

– Wolf Fix for SHIPPING

Change 3140276 on 2016/09/26 by Josh.Adams

– Fixed Wolf compile error

Change 3141916 on 2016/09/27 by Josh.Adams

– Worked around compile issues (at least with Wolf UT). This is well documented in a Jira (UE-29925)

Change 3141926 on 2016/09/27 by Josh.Adams

– Support for skipping Wolf user selector (-nologinui)

Change 3142219 on 2016/09/27 by Josh.Adams

– Wolf PhysX 3.4 libs and includes

Change 3145540 on 2016/09/29 by Josh.Adams

– Fix for checking some Wolf dev tool installation existence
– Fix for various Wolf build issues
– Fix for Wolf devices not showing up in Launch on

Change 3146476 on 2016/09/30 by Josh.Adams

– Moved a UBT log that could pollute QA logs with Wolf secrets to Verbose

Change 3146554 on 2016/09/30 by Josh.Adams

– Removed another wolf secret log

Change 3147725 on 2016/09/30 by Josh.Adams

– Fixed yet another Wolf log for people with Wolf access but no SDK

As you can see, there are two references to “Wolf UT”. M3d10n thinks that Unreal Tournament “seems to be the game [that] Epic is using to test [the] setting profiles” that were uncovered yesterday.


Others have speculated that this may also be a sign that Epic Games is bringing Unreal Tournament to Switch. That wouldn’t be impossible, given that the game is still at its pre-alpha stage on PC.

The alpha build of the first-person shooter can already be downloaded for free on PC. The final release will also be free, but has not been announced for consoles.

Maybe the Switch will have its own free-to-play FPS near launch, sort of like the PS4 had with Warframe…

Except better, y’know?

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