Square Enix shares new Dragon Quest XI information and screenshots


Next year, Japanese Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get their hands on Dragon Quest XI, the next entry in Square Enix’s storied RPG franchise.

The publisher took the stage at Jump Festa 2017, last week, to share some new information about the upcoming title, Gamer reports.


Dragon Quest XI’s main character is a young unnamed teenager. Upon turning sixteen, he discovers that he is the “reincarnation of the brave who once saved the world” and receives a mission.


He leaves the calm Ishii Village and then “steps into a vast world” to discover what a “brave” is with his own eyes.

Along the way, he encounters Camus, his blue-haired companion.


They travel around Roto Tetacia, a world created by the Trees of Life.


These trees can communicate with the “heart and soul” of the brave, and are “the root of all lives”.

The hero then makes his way through his adventure by defeating enemies in classic turn-based combat.


Check out more of the game’s screenshots in the gallery below.

These photos showcase the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI. The Switch version will probably look nearly identical, whereas the 3DS version has a different, distinct style.

The Square Enix-published RPG is set to be released for Switch, PS4 and 3DS next year, in Japan. No information about an international release has been shared thus far.

Be sure to check out its new trailer here.

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One thought on “Square Enix shares new Dragon Quest XI information and screenshots

  1. I would love to see this come to the West – and I (think) I remember reading that it has a very strong possibility of doing so. Maybe just wishful thinking, because I can’t recall where I read that. One of my hopes with the release of the Switch is that Nintendo will release more games proportionally to the West than has done so before, and encourage third party developers to do the same.

    Just a couple of weeks now until the reveal – hoping for some good info both on the Switch and the games being developed for it – both launch titles and those being released later in 2017.


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