NIS is working on at least one Nintendo Switch game


Famed Japanese developer and publisher Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) is working on at least one game for the Nintendo Switch.

NIS president Soheii Niikawa told Japanese gaming website 4Gamer that the company has “Nintendo Switch project(s)” in the works.

NIS was confirmed to be a Nintendo Switch publishing partner at the console’s announcement in October, but Niikawa noted that there has “been some skepticism” about the company actually deciding to undertake a Switch project. Those fears can now be set to rest, seeing as the team is now “in proper development”, said NIS’ president.

This will mark the first time that NIS publishes a game on a Nintendo console since 2011 (Bikkuriman Kanjuku Haoh: Sanmi Douran Sensouki, 3DS). The vast majority of their recent games have only been released on PlayStation 4 and Vita, so this may be a clear indication that Nintendo can count on Japanese 3DS and Vita third-party developers’ support for their upcoming console.

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