REPORT: Grant Kirkhope to score Mario & Rabbids RPG

pjimage (11).jpg

The man behind Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 and Goldeneye’s soundtracks is rumored to be making the music for the Nintendo Switch’s most surprising exclusive.

Trusted leaker Laura Kate Dale stated on Twitter that Grant Kirkhope is composing music for the upcoming Mario & Rabbids RPG, citing two sources.

Kirkhope also recently said on Twitter that he is working on a “super secret thing [he] can’t talk about yet”.

Grant Kirkhope is seen as one of the best video game music composers, and has been nominated for  many BAFTA, ASCAP and IMFCA awards.

Laura Kate Dale has previously stated that the game will be ready for launch, so if she is to be believed, we should be getting some more information on the title (and likely, its soundtrack) relatively soon.

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