Mass Effect Switch? “Not right now”, says BioWare


EA has said that it will be bringing a “big game” to Nintendo Switch. It’s safe to say that it won’t be Mass Effect: Andromeda .

In a recent interview with StevivorBioWare producer Michael Gamble said that the next Mass Effect game would not be coming to Nintendo Switch any time soon.

“Yeah, not right now, no” he said. “We’re not planning on it. If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect, who knows”.

Gamble did not completely rule out a Switch release for his game, but release parity definitely seems to be off the table.

“We never want to close doors like that”, he added.

The Wii U launched with a port of Mass Effect 3 eight months after its original release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was a well-done port, but the game being at full-price while competing systems had the whole trilogy readily available for the same cost (or less) severely cost it sales.

What do you think EA’s “big game” will be, then?

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