Mother 3 reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch



Mother 3, a Japan-only 2006 release on Game Boy Advance, will be coming to Nintendo Switch Virtual Console, said industry insider Laura Kate Dale on Twitter, this morning. She indicated that the game would be announced at Nintendo’s January 12th Switch Presentation, and that it would be releasing in Q2 2017.

Fans have been clamoring for an official Western Mother 3 release for years. It has a big cult following outside of Japan because of its sheer charm and quality, and although a fan-made translation does exist, no official non-Japanese version of the game is available for purchase.

It is considered by many to be the best RPG to ever be released on Game Boy Advance, and is the sequel to EarthBound, otherwise known as Mother 2 in Japan.

Laura Kate Dale has been responsible for many Nintendo Switch leaks so far, and has been seen as a reliable source for Switch information. The January 12th event will make or break her credibility, but it is safe to say that she’s been pretty accurate thus far.

Just keep in mind that Mother 3 isn’t 100% confirmed for Switch yet. This is a rumor and should be treated as such.

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