More of Ubisoft’s Switch plans get leaked


Someone, get the sealer! These leaks are out of control!

Industry insider Laura Kate Dale, who has been fed a lot of exclusive Nintendo Switch information from a reliable source at Ubisoft in the past couple of months, has revealed more information about the French publisher’s plans for the Big N’s hybrid console.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a timed exclusive

Beyond Good & Evil’s sequel, codenamed “Odyssey”, will be a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive, according to Dale.

It will be exclusive to the Switch for twelve months and will have a retail release. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions will only be available digitally.

Its teaser trailer has been finalized, and is “likely to be [presented] at the end of the end of [the] January 12 event”, said Dale.

This title has been in development hell for several years, and it was rumored in the Fall that Nintendo was money-hatting Ubisoft for exclusivity. It seems like there may have been some truth in that report, after all.

New Mario & Rabbids RPG information

The upcoming crossover, which is also set to be revealed at the Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12th, will be titled Rabbids Kingdom Battle, reported Dale.

Although the game was originally set to be released alongside the Switch in March, one of Dale’s sources is now telling her that the game has been pushed back to September 2017.

Rayman Legends Switch. Yup.

This charming platformer, which was originally planned as a Wii U exclusive but was then released on nearly all currently-available consoles, will be ported to Swich, according to Dale’s sources.

It is slated for release in Q2 2017, nearly four years after its original release on Wii U.

Perceived backpedaling 

Laura Kate Dale has been subject to some good old fashioned Internet insults in the past few days because of her perceived backpedaling on a few of her Switch rumors, such as the Zelda delay.

She maintained that “Switch reports have been a blessing and a curse” for her and that, at this point, she’s just trying [her] best to be accurate on existing reports”.

Dale also stated that she is aware that Mother 3 “has broken the percieved credibility of many a leaker” before her, and that she “firmly believes” that it will release on Switch in Q2 2017.

She stated on Twitter that she “just wants January 12th to happen” so that she can move on. She doesn’t plan on leaking any more Switch information after the event.

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9 thoughts on “More of Ubisoft’s Switch plans get leaked

  1. Wow – if they packed the original with the sequel that would be incredible! Even if the don’t, looking forward to spending more time with Jade – loved the original. Haven’t experienced Rabbids yet, but it looks interesting also. Glad to see support for the Switch – now I just hope I’m able to get one!


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