Hori’s offically licensed Nintendo Switch accessories get leaked


A mere two days before the Nintendo Switch Presentation, a French Twitter user has leaked a ton of officially licensed Switch accessories. One can assume that he is a video game shop employee.

The products are all made by Hori, a popular Japanese accessory manufacturer, and all seem to be slated for release in March alongside Nintendo’s next console.

Here is a look at all of what has been leaked, along with translations and analysis of important information.


This Joy Con charging station charge up to 4 controllers at once and has colored LEDs to indicate the controller’s status. The document also says that it “automatically connects to the Switch’s dock”.
This stand allows you to charge the system while playing on a stand. You can also adjust its angle to your liking.
Here’s a higher quality, colored image of the stand.


This Zelda: Breath of the Wild skin set is set to be released in March, so one can assume that this indicated that Zelda may be a Nintendo Switch launch title.


A Nintendo Switch fight stick? Could a fighting game be making its way to the Switch?


A higher quality image of the Zelda skin set shown above. It looks quite nifty.


This case can hold up to 24 cartridges. It is said to be “compact and transportable”, which may be an indication that the Switch’s cartridges are Vita-sized.
It seems as though this controller is wired. This likely confirms that the Switch will support wired controller for less input lag, unlike the Wii U.


This LAN adapter likely confirms that the Switch doesn’t have a built-in Ethernet port.


Do any of these Hori accessories interest you? Will you be picking some of them up at launch?

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3 thoughts on “Hori’s offically licensed Nintendo Switch accessories get leaked

  1. One big advantage of the stand would be that it would allow you to charge it while playing. With the little leg on the tablet this isn’t possible because the lower port (which is the one used for charging) would get covered by the surface.

    This stand accesory will probably eliminate this issue. This, on top of adjusting the angle and height (I suppose) to my liking, means I will pretty likely buy it.

    I don’t care much for everything else, though.


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