Nvidia CEO talks Nintendo Switch: “people are going to be blown away”


Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took a moment to talk about the Nintendo Switch earlier this week, and he had very positive things to say.

Of course, the Switch is equipped with a Nvidia processor, so Mr Huang’s comments may be a tad biased, but his statements are guaranteed to hype you up for tomorrow’s Switch Presentation.

“Nintendo Switch is a game console. It’s very Nintendo. That entire experience is going to be very Nintendo. The beauty of that company, the craft of that company, the philosophy of that company—they’re myopically, singularly focused on making sure that the gaming experience is amazing, surprising, and safe for young people, for children. Their dedication to their craft, that singular dedication, is quite admirable.

When you guys all see Switch, I believe people are going to be blown away, quite frankly. It’s really delightful. But it has nothing to do with AI.”

Well, guys, it seems as though we should get ready to be blown away… but maybe not by the console’s Nvidia-powered graphics.

The Switch is rumored to be significantly weaker than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but hey, that won’t stop it from being a “very Nintendo” experience.

What does the Switch Presentation need to have to blow you away?

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Source: VentureBeat

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