LIVE BLOG: Nintendo Switch Presentation


Watch the Nintendo Switch Presentation live by clicking HERE. If you can’t watch live with the rest of Nintendo Nation right now, read this very article to keep up with Switch News’ live updates. All specified times are in EST.


22:00 The Nintendo Switch Presentation begins in one hour. GET HYPE. For quality’s sake, we will only publish full-fledged, in-depth articles about the announcements after the event is over. Our live coverage will take place on this very page and on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

22:07 I apologize in advance for the spelling errors that might appear in this live blog. I do not apologize for the profuse swearing that will occur. Whether what Nintendo shows us tonight is received in positive or negative light, my reaction will be “fuuuuuuuuuuuck” regardless. You’ve been warned.

22:11 I don’t know if you guys are aware, but Switch News is a one-man team. Pray for me.

22:20 Here’s a photo from the Switch Presentation’s venue, in Tokyo. A DJ is in the building. Photo via @mochi_wsj


22:30 GameStop stores in the U.S. have signs on their windows indicating what their pre-order allotment is for tomorrow. Don’t go now, though! The presentation starts in 30 minutes! Photo via vagar0 on Reddit.


22:42 I have’t felt like this since 3DS launch. Like a nervous excitement. YOU’VE GOT ME FEELIN’ LIKE A CHILD NINTENDO.

22:44 Okay, so there’s a music show at the venue now. The DJ’s goin’ nuts. FIFTEEN MINUTES TO GO.

22:55 Alright, the Presentation starts in five minutes. Enjoy!

22:57 Yo, the pre-show music is solid though.



23:00 Holy shit this is so hype. Techno music, colors, patterns, lights, THE SWITCH SOUND INTEGRATED INTO A SONG. Sick.

23:01 Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima is on stage.

23:02 He’s just reiterating what the Switch is.


23:05 The Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3rd and will cost $299.99 in the USA. The price varies per retailer/country in Europe. Online will be free to try at launch, but will be subscription-based. The system will not be region-locked.


23:07 It’s explaining how the system works. Y’already know that, though.

23:07 The design is unchanged from its reveal.


23:08 It’s a cool video, but it’s pretty basic.

23:09 The Nintendo Switch‘s battery will last 2.5-6.5 hours and will charge with USB-C. Up to 8 Switch consoles can connect for local multiplayer.


23:11 They are now going over the Joy Con controller’s features. NFC confirmed. Record (“capture”) button confirmed. More details here.

23:13 Here’s a good look at the Joy Con shoulder buttons.

joy con.png

23:14 Joy Con red and blue colors confirmed. IR also confirmed. Nintendo Switch Joy Con Grip confirmed, as well. It gives the controller “better” shoulder buttons.

23:15 All-new HD rumble will give you the impression that you’re holding a glass with ice cubes in it. Interesting way of explaining the feel of this advanced tech.


23:18 1 2 Switch is announced. It seems to be the Switch’s Wii Sports or Nintendoland. It will take advantage of the HD rumble feature. It can be played without looking at the screen. “You look directly into the eyes of your opponent to play the game. You look into their eyes to read their next move”.  The main example they’re showing is a type of western standoff-like minigame.

The Joy Con controllers can be used as “an ice-breaker for parties” and is designed to be played anywhere, without a screen. It will be a launch title.


23:23 Holy shit the next game is like a boxing game where characters’ arms extend. The 4Chan leak from earlier this week was not fake. Looks cool.

23:25 “Arms is like boxing, where you need to punch your opponents, but also like shooting, because you have to aim towards your opponent.”

It’s played with two Joy Con controllers and requires motion conttrol. It’s a third-person fighting game. It looks pretty dang awesome as a multiplayer game, honestly.

“The extendable arm fight game releases in Spring”.

Sorry for the poor quality photo.
23:30 Splatoon 2 is announced for Switch. All sorts of new weapons and features are announced. Gyro controls are supported. Since there is no second screen on Switch, you must press the X button to make the map show up. It features a local multiplayer mode as well. It is releasing in summer.
23:32 New game in a city?
23:33 What the hell is up with this new Mario game. It seems to really be going in new directions. Sick moves from Mario, he can throw his hat as a boomerang. Is this open world? Wowowowowowow.

It’s called Super Mario Odyssey. “This is the first time since Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine that we’ve created a sandbox world”.

Mario jumps into a “new world”. Also, he has eyes on his cap.

11:37 New Monolithsoft game announced. It looks like Xenoblade. It is. IT’S XENOBLADE 2.
Also, it seems as though Fire Emblem Warriors has been announced, very quietly.
11:41 Dragon Quest Heroes I & II are coming to Nintendo Switch.


11:43 Here’s a new RPG from Square Enix for Nintendo Switch, Octopath Traveller. A new Shin Megami Tensei is also coming.
11:46 Skyrim: SE is officially confirmed for Switch. No release date has been mentioned, though.
11:48 Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes will return on Switch. No title yet for his game.
11:51 EA’s FIFA series will have a “custom-built” entry on Switch. It will be out in 2017.
11:53 Sizzle reel time. Minecraft, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Rayman Legends confirmed. NBA 2K18 too. Probably missed a few, honestly.
11:54 It’s done, really? Okay…
11:55 Woo, multiple product configurations. Wow, the system comes included with the wrist straps. The Pro Controller will be available seperately. Two models will be available for the same price: one with colored Joy Con controllers, and one with the deault color scheme.
12:01 New Zelda trailer after a loooooooooooong release date tease. Still no release date.
12:04 God damn that looks epic as fuck. The voice acting is great too.
12:05 Zelda herself looks awesome. The game is launch title. Good night, everybody. Look forward to our continuing coverage of the Switch event throughout the day.

3 thoughts on “LIVE BLOG: Nintendo Switch Presentation

  1. Thanks for checking out the presentation – I wasn’t able to stay up for it. Almost hate to say it, but I’m glad I didn’t…I’m feeling a little disappointed. When I think about it, it’s primarily the price point – I thought $250 was reasonable, $300 with a Zelda package. The pro controller costs more than an XBone or PS4 controller, extra joycons are pricey (imho)…in short, I don’t see value for what I’m getting. I still think the concept is excellent, and will follow it with interest with the aim of getting one, but I just can’t justify it being a launch day must buy.


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