1, 2, Switch seems to be one of the system’s most interesting titles


1, 2, Switch was one of the first titles to be announced for the system at January 12th Switch Presentation. Here’s a rundown of everything we know about this intriguing launch title thus far.

We can’t talk about 1, 2, Switch without talking about its main attraction: the Joy Con controller.

Obviously, the Switch’s signature accessory features motion controls similar to those that were found in Wii Motion Plus, but its right-side model features a motion IR camera that can sense the distance of objects in front of it.

The Joy Con also features a new “HD rumble” feature, otherwise known as haptic feedback. Nintendo described it as such:

“The Joy Con can convey to you the feeling of ice cubes colliding in a cup. You can even tell the number of ice cubes in the glass and you can feel water filling the glass. This new sense of realism is produced by the precision of HD rumble.”

Now, back to 1, 2, Switch. Nintendo announced as “the game that everyone can play together”. Unlike most video games, 1, 2, Switch can be played without looking at a screen. You must look in the eyes of your opponent instead.

“Stare down your opponent in a wild-west duel, mimic your opponent’s poses in a copycat dance-off, or rally for victory in a heated table tennis face-off.”

Other minigames that were shown off on Nintendo’s website include competitive cow milking, which uses the Joy Con’s interior shoulder buttons, and a samurai training game in which you and your opponent take turns trying to stop the other from hitting you with a sword, by grabbing their sword.

Many more games have been teased for 1, 2, Switch. Here’s the teaser photo Nintendo shared on their website.


Videos of 1, 2, Switch,s gameplay are also available on its official site.

Nintendo promises that this party game will liven up your gatherings and that it is a good icebreaker.

1, 2, Switch will be priced at $49.99 and will launch alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3.

Check out its announcement trailer below.

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