Nintendo Switch accessories are pretty high-tech, and are priced accordingly


With every new console comes a host of new accessories. The Nintendo Switch is no exception, but unlike many past consoles, its array of optional hardware is quite pricey.

The Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers will have a ton of features built into them. For instance, they have a multitude of buttons on them, including concealed shoulder buttons when in portable mode. The rightmost one also has an IR camera sensor and NFC support.

The Joy Con also features a new “HD rumble” feature, otherwise known as haptic feedback. Nintendo described it as such:

“The Joy Con can convey to you the feeling of ice cubes colliding in a cup. You can even tell the number of ice cubes in the glass and you can feel water filling the glass. This new sense of realism is produced by the precision of HD rumble.”

So, considering all of the built-in technology, and the included wrist strap, the Joy Con controllers must be pretty expensive, right? Right.


They cost $49.99 US individually, and $79.99 US a pair. The pair costs $20 more than your standard PS4 controller, but that’s not all: the Joy Con Charging Grip, which is identical to the one that is inluded with the Switch, will run you $29.99 US. This means that a “full” Nintendo Switch controller will run you a whopping $110 US.

Even to the most die-hard Nintendo fans, that’s a pretty steep cost. Of course, each Joy Con can be used individually, but that will not be the case for every game. Having a more “traditional” controller while leaving your options open as far as multiplayer is concerned will be expensive. Another way to look at it, though, is you can have 4 Switch controller at the cost of $80, considering that two controllers are already included with the console.

One of the Switch’s core aspects is its modularity, and its ability to make you play how you want. One of the ways to do it is via the Switch Pro Controller, which is priced at $69.99 US.


Even though the Pro Controller is more traditional than a Joy Con, it packs quite a bit of tech inside it. It includes motion controls, HD rumble, and NFC support.

The Pro Controller is ten dollars more expensive than what the competition is offering, but it’s got quite a few additional features.

Still, the online gaming community isn’t sold on the Pro Controller, Joy Con and Joy Con Grip’s prices… and objectively, they are pretty high.

How do you feel about Switch accessories’ pricing?

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch accessories are pretty high-tech, and are priced accordingly

  1. As I stated in a different post, accessory pricing + Switch pricing made my purchase decision go from a “try to get it day one” to “wait and see if the price drops”.


      • It is offering The legend of Zelda BOTW tho, it is better this way instead of having all the big games at launch but nothing in the next two years. For me, it doesn’t rly matter, i’ll be playing Zelda at launch and that’s enough for me.


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