Switch Virtual Console games to feature online play


Nintendo announced at the Switch Presentation that its next console will feature a subscription service for online play. What they didn’t announce was that players would be getting free retro games in exchange for subscribing to it, and that they would feature online play.

Nintendo of America states on its website that “subscribers will get to download and play a NES or SNES games (with newly-added online play) for free for a month”.

The wording is a little odd, but seems to suggest that we will only be able to play the free monthly games for one month before having to pay for them.

Nintendo didn’t announce the subscription service’s cost, however, but that isn’t really the big news here.

Retrofitted SNES games featuring online play can cater to nostalgic gamers and sell the Switch to a larger market. Look at the NES Classic. That thing is flying off store shelves and doesn’t even have online play.

Then again, it’s a little cheaper than the Switch, too, so there’s that.

Other details about the subscription service that were revealed today include online lobbies, voice chat, and exclusive offers such as “digital games and content”. It will be released in fall 2017, and will also have a “free, limited version” available in summer.

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