Good Rayman sales on Switch can open the possibility for a new game, says Ubisoft


Ubisoft announced earlier this week that Rayman Legends would be getting a “Definitive Edition” on Nintendo Switch. The publisher has also said that if the game “does well”  on Switch, it could “certainly open the possibility for a new game”.

The following statement was made on the Rayman series’ official Facebook page, yesterday.


What’s interesting about what they said is that it can be interpreted in more than one way.

One one hand, it seems as though they are talking about a new game in the Rayman series. Then again, it could also possibly mean that future Ubisoft support for the Nintendo Switch is at least partially dependent on Rayman Legends Definitive Edition’s sales.

There is no telling what the price of this three-year-old port will be, but one could assume that Switch owners won’t be willing to shell out $60 for a game that could easily be purchased for a fraction of the cost on virtually every other platform.

And we all know that Ubisoft doesn’t usually shy away from releasing full-priced Rayman ports at Nintendo console launches…

Both of these games are Rayman 2 ports, by the way.

Rayman creator Michel Ancel said yesterday that “the adaptation of Rayman Legends on the Nintendo Switch is like a love story between Nintendo and Rayman”, and that he and his team are “preparing surprises” for the game’s Switch version. Take a look at the full video below.

Will you pick up Rayman Legends for Nintendo Switch when it releases later this year? What new features would it take for you to double dip?

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One thought on “Good Rayman sales on Switch can open the possibility for a new game, says Ubisoft

  1. This is along the same lines as EA, and most likely is the outlook of every other third party developer. Some will try one game on the Switch, some will just watch – all to determine if the Switch itself has a large enough user base, and if that user base is willing to pay “full price” for other than Nintendo games. Since the game does require development/conversion to the Switch (not sure of the right term for OS/game engine etc), I doubt that the games released, be they remasters or original, will be much less than full price.


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