The Switch is not underpowered, and it will unite the casual and hardcore audiences


According to Eurogamer, the Nintendo Switch is significantly weaker than the Xbox One when docked, and slightly more powerful than the Wii U in portable mode. Some may say that this means that the console is underpowered, but I completely disagree. It’s just as powerful as it needs to be.

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5 things Melee needs on Switch if Nintendo wants to attract competitive players


Eurogamer‘s Tom Phillips reported earlier this week that the Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console (VC) games, and that one of the first available titles will be 2001’s wildly popular Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Phillips suggested that “the desire within Nintendo [is] to continue making Super Smash Bros. Melee easily playable”, and that this version of the game is aimed first and foremost at the competitive audience.

As a member of this very audience who’s mostly followed Melee’s competitive scene as a spectator rather than a player, I believe that there are quite a few things that Nintendo has to do if they want competitive players to even give VC Melee a chance.

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